Privilege: Attorney-Client Communications

August 22, 2011 by connorsodell

There can be no question but that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s February 23, 2011 decision in the Gillard v. AIG Insurance, et al. matter is a seminal ruling on the assertion of the scope of the privilege associated with attorney-client communications. Gillard is a decision that arose in a bad faith claim against an insurance… Read more »

UM/UIM Coverage

August 22, 2011 by connorsodell

On March14, 2011, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled, in Orsag v Farmer’s New Century Insurance, 15 A.3d 896, that an insured’s signature on an automobile insurance application, under which the insured signed for uninsured/underinsured motorist’s coverage policy limits that were less than the insured’s liability limits, was sufficient to satisfy the requirements of Section 1734 of the… Read more »


August 12, 2011 by connorsodell

In Hero v. CMS, a Federal District Judge inArizona enjoined recovery procedures being utilized by CMS against Medicare recipients. The enjoining order was issued in a class action, in whichthe Plaintiffs were challenging recovery procedures utilized by CMS under the Medicare Secondary Payor Act (“MSP”). Enjoining the CMS, the Arizona Federal Court ruled: “It is further… Read more »

Partner Announcement

July 27, 2011 by connorsodell

ConnorsLaw proudly announces that John J. Muldowney, Esquire, formerly of White & Williams in Philadelphia, has joined the firm as a partner in its Casualty Litigation Trial Practice and Workers’ Compensation Practice groups. John (“Jack”) has over 21 years of experience in insurance defense litigation, defending both casualty and workers’ compensation claims on behalf of… Read more »