When you need to recover just compensation for your company or insureds, trust the experts at ConnorsO’Dell LLC to maximize your recovery, and to minimize the time and fees in winning your claim.

With a solid history of experience and expertise in the investigation and prosecution of subrogation actions, ConnorsO’Dell LLC aggressively represents businesses, insurance carriers, and their insured clients with expert subrogation services.

Equally at ease in both civil and workers’ compensation courts, we leverage the established subrogation doctrine to seek recovery for payments made against a third-party tortfeasor, or the tortfeasor’s insurance carrier. We have successfully won favorable verdicts yielding multi-million-dollar settlements for clients, and continue to develop cutting edge approaches in this area of legal practice.

Typical Subrogation Matters We Handle

Our team subrogation experts routinely handle actions for clients involving casualties related to issues such as:

  • Fires
  • Construction defects
  • Design errors
  • Product liability
  • Contract/warranty
  • Advertising injury
  • Inland cargo losses
  • Environmental matters
  • Insurance agent/broker errors
  • Professional liability
  • Fraud

ConnorsO’Dell’s Subrogation Team Delivers Insight…and Action

Our approach to subrogation actions is to actively partner with clients to understand the situation, and to develop a plan that will maximize recovery at a minimal cost of recovery, to yield a true win-win scenario. We handle most cases on a contingency basis, though in certain circumstances an hourly fee arrangement may be arranged.

One of the greatest threats to success of subrogation efforts is lost time. That’s why the ConnorsO’Dell LLC team is vigilantly responsive to your case from the moment you contact us. We quickly launch a comprehensive, results-focused plan for executing a rapid, thorough investigation of the event, including site review, witness and evidence documentation, and recruitment of appropriate consultative experts to assist with legal proceedings. Then we execute through to schedule activities and arrive at a favorable settlement as rapidly as possible.

Have a recent loss that you believe may merit subrogation recovery? Contact us today to learn about your options, and how quickly we can go to work to recover the funds you deserve.