Effective January 1, 2021, Pennsylvania has raised the statewide average weekly wage maximum to $1,130.00, with per annum exposure of $58,760.00.

The medium tier for 2021 will be two-thirds of any wage between $1,695.00 and $847.51, resulting in potential exposure between $58,754.12 (high) and $29,381.82 (low).

The lower tier for the average weekly wage will range between an average weekly wage of $847.50 and an average weekly wage of $627.78, with the disability benefit rate within these two average weekly wages equaling $565.00, potentially resulting in yearly exposure of $29,380.00.

For any wages less than $627.77, Pennsylvania applies the 90% rule, such that any wages between $627.77 or less, will result in a potential yearly exposure of $29,379.64, potentially less, predicated on the average weekly wage assigned to a particular Claimant.

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