By: Kevin L. Connors, Esquire “RIPE FOR CORRUPTION”

October 09, 2017 by connorsodell

“RIPE FOR CORRUPTION” By Kevin L. Connors, Esquire Not our words! It is a direct quote from the front page banner headline of the Philadelphia Inquirer on September 24, 2017, with the headline being (Inquirer Investigation/Workers’ Comp, Pharmacies’ alliance:  “Ripe for Corruption.”) For those who did not pick up a copy of the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer, the hyperlink… Read more »

Hartford Insurance Group v Kamara et. al. 976 EDA 2016 (Pa. Super.,2017) By Jeffrey D. Snyder

September 29, 2017 by connorsodell

Hartford Insurance Group v. Kamara et. al. 976 EDA 2016 (Pa. Super., 2017) By Jeffrey D. Snyder, Esquire The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has accepted allocatur of the above captioned case, which considers whether an insurance carrier can independently pursue a third-party case “on behalf of” a claimant. The Superior Court was faced with Preliminary… Read more »

Construction Workplace Misclassification Act

August 25, 2017 by connorsodell

CONSTRUCTION WORKPLACE MISCLASSIFICATION ACT TO BE STRICTLY CONSTRUED TO FIND INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR STATUS By Jeffrey D. Snyder, Esquire In an on En Banc Opinion, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, in D&R Construction v. WCAB (Suarez) and in Department of Labor and Industry v. WCAB (Suarez), Nos. 1558 C.D. 2016, 1578 C.D. 2016, 1574 C.D. 2016, and 1575 C.D. 2016, has held that,… Read more »


August 25, 2017 by connorsodell

POST-PROTZ; THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL PARADIGM By Kevin L. Connors, Esquire In the seemingly predictable universe of Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation practice and procedure, June 20, 2017 would have been just like any other day with the routine reporting of allegedly work-related injuries, Insureds and Administrators initiating investigations that would invariably lead to claims Decisions that would bind… Read more »


June 22, 2017 by connorsodell

By Kevin L. Connors, Esquire It is with both congratulations and regrets that we announce that Kate O’Dell, a Partner in our firm, and Co-Chair of our Workers’ Compensation Practice Group, has elected to trade the outrageous slings and arrows of compensation claims for the tranquility and joyous personal redemption of semi-retirement, as Kate transitions… Read more »


June 22, 2017 by connorsodell

By Kevin L. Connors, Esquire Ever have one of those days where you just wonder, why bother? Today might be one of those days. In a Homer Simpsonesque Decision, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in Protz v. WCAB (Derry Area School District), decided on June 20, 2017, recently eviscerated the IRE (Impairment Rating Examination) provisions of Act… Read more »


June 20, 2017 by connorsodell

By:  Kevin L. Connors ConnorsO’Dell proudly congratulates its two Super Partners, Kevin Connors, Managing Partner, as well as Chair of the Casualty Trial Practice Group, and Robert F. Horn, Chair of our Subrogation practice Group, as both were recently confirmed as Pennsylvania Super Lawyers for 2017, in affirmation of their super professional status, as recognized by… Read more »


May 10, 2017 by connorsodell

By: Jeffrey D. Snyder, Esquire  The Commonwealth Court’s Decision in Department of Labor and Industry, Uninsured Employers Guaranty Fund v. WCAB (Lin and Eastern Taste), decided on February 17, 2017, involved a questionable case at first impression, as to whether an individual who was remodeling a restaurant, was considered to be a misclassified independent contractor under the Construction Workplace… Read more »


May 04, 2017 by connorsodell

By: Jeffrey D. Snyder A recent Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Decision in Tojio Orchards, LLC v. WCAB (Gaffney), revolved around seasonal employment, as well as addressing an issue of the Claimant’s entitlement to a healing period, in connection with a specific loss claim. The Claimant had sustained a specific loss of his left eye on October 8, 2013,… Read more »


May 02, 2017 by connorsodell

By: Kevin L. Connors, Esquire ConnorsO’Dell, LLP proudly announces that Orville R. Walls, III, has joined the firm as a Partner in its Casualty Practice Litigation Group. Orville will be handling the defense of liability matters, involving personal injury matters, automobile liability, premises liability, products liability, first party liability, construction defects, and insurance defense matters…. Read more »