By:  Kevin L. Connors

ConnorsO’Dell proudly congratulates its two Super Partners, Kevin Connors, Managing Partner, as well as Chair of the Casualty Trial Practice Group, and Robert F. Horn, Chair of our Subrogation practice Group, as both were recently confirmed as Pennsylvania Super Lawyers for 2017, in affirmation of their super professional status, as recognized by their peers.

This is Bob’s fifth consecutive year being affirmed as a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer having reached this pinnacle of professional integrity in years 2013 through 2017.

This will be Kevin’s fourth year, following his incorruptible inauguration in 2014.

On behalf of ConnorsO’Dell, its trusted clients, and contacts, we proudly congratulate both Kevin and Bob on their sensational success.

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Defending liability-based lawsuits throughout Pennsylvania, on behalf of insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and self-insured businesses and corporations, our 100+ years of cumulative experience defending our clients against negligence and occurrence-based liabilities, empowers our Casualty Practice Trial Group attorneys to be entrusted to create the factual and legal leverage to expeditiously resolve lawsuits and claims, in the course of limiting/reducing/extinguishing our clients’ potential liabilities under Pennsylvania’s common law, trial practices, and rules of civil procedure.

With every member of our trial practice group being AV-rated, our partnership with the Pennsylvania Defense Institute and the Counsel on Litigation Management magnifies the lens through which our professional expertise imperiously demands that we remain dynamic and exacting advocates for our clients, the same being businesses, corporations, insurance carriers, seeking our trial and litigation acumen, to navigate the frustrating and liability-intensive minefield pervasive throughout Pennsylvania trial practice and procedure.

Questions concerning tort and/or contract liability that might arise in the context of casualty claims can be directed to Kevin L. Connors at [email protected] (Phone: 610-524-2100 Ext. 112).